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Services Available

Serving our youth population is of special importance to us as you are the future of our workforce. We provide access to special services and programs to youth ages 14-21 designed to assist you in achieving academic and employment success. WIA law mandates that these 10 elements be available to all youth receiving WIA services. These services are available to current students, high school graduates, dropouts, or other youth in need of employment and training assistance.

Internships/Job Shadowing
In order to determine if you are truly interested in a career, we can set up an internship or job shadowing for you to see what it is like working in that industry/occupation.
Summer Youth Employment Program
Youth participating in this program will be provided with exposure to various occupational opportunities available with local employers through placement in a job for approximately 6 weeks during the summer.
If you have dropped out of school or need tutoring on subjects to keep you in school, we can provide you with access to GED classes and individual tutoring to help you study for the GED test or keep you on track in school.
Supportive Services
If you are encountering certain barriers to help you stay in school or be successful at your job, we can provide certain types of assistance. For instance, if you are a parent and need child care, if you need certain clothing for work, or help with fees associated with certifications for a job, we can help.
Relationships with adult mentors to help guide and encourage you in your education and career are important to help you be successful. Through many of our programs, you will work closely with a counselor or other staff that will not only guide you through the steps of the program, but be there for you when you need help or have a tough time. These people working with youth are committed to helping you to become successful!
Leadership Opportunities
We can provide you with opportunities to develop leadership skills, which may include such activities as positive social behavior and soft skills, decision-making, team work, and other activities.
Drop Out Prevention/Alternative Education
If you are at risk of dropping out of school or have problems with a traditional school setting, we can assist you with exploring alternatives to help you stay in school and obtain an education. There have been numerous studies indicating a direct correlation between an individual's earning potential and the level of education therefore it is important for you to complete high school.
Occupational Skills Training
If you have an interest in a certain occupation, we can assist you with obtaining training to acquire the skills to enter that industry and begin your career.